# Developer Guide

Development & Contribution guide for Developers looking to customize crater for their own projects or contribute to the development of crater.

# Installation

  1. Clone the repository from github https://github.com/bytefury/crater.
  2. Install NPM globally if you haven't installed that already , for more information please refer this link
  3. After installing NPM globally , run npm install inside your cloned folder, it will download all the required dependencies.
  4. Install composer to your system and run composer install inside your cloned folder to install all laravel/php dependencies.
  5. Create an .env file by running the following command: cp .env.example .env. Or alternately you can just copy .env.example file to the same folder and re-name it to .env.
  6. run command: php artisan key:generate to generate a unique application key.
  7. run command: php artisan passport:keys to generate the required passport keys for authentication.
  8. Open the link to the domain in the browser (Example: https://demo.craterapp.com) and complete the installation wizard as directed.