# Installation

# Installation with Docker

This is only recommended to those who are familiar with Docker setups. It's recommended to use a reverse proxy, a Nginx instance is included in the example Docker compose file. You should configure the virtual hosts by yourself.

  1. Install Docker on your host: https://docs.docker.com/install/
  2. Install docker-compose: https://docs.docker.com/compose/install/
  3. Clone the repository: git clone https://github.com/bytefury/crater
  4. Go into the repo directory and deploy using example docker-compose setup:
$ cd crater
$ mv docker-compose.yaml.example docker-compose.yaml
$ docker-compose up -d
  1. You can check the logs with docker-compose logs
  2. Go to your crater domain and follow the installation wizard.
  3. For Database Name, Database Username, and Database Password, use crater.
    db for Database Host.

If you ever want to check the Laravel logs:

$ cd $(docker volume inspect --format '{{ .Mountpoint }}' crater_app)/storage/logs
$ ls
$ tail -n200 log_file_name.log

# Manual Installation

# Requirements

PHP >= 7.2.0
BCMath PHP Extension
Ctype PHP Extension
JSON PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension
XML PHP Extension

# Step 1 : Download

Download the Crater package.

Alternatively, If you are a developer, follow the installation steps for your project on this Link

# Step 2 : Upload to Server

Upload the downloaded zip file to your Server and unzip it, you should see the Crater folder.

# Step 3 : Point the domain to the uploaded folder

Point your domain or subdomain to the public directory inside the Crater folder.

Please note that, Crater must be installed on a primary domain or subdomain. Installing on a sub-folder will not work, for example:

  • example.com/craterapp (Invalid)
  • localhost/crater (Invalid)
  • example.com (Valid)
  • crater.example.com (Valid)
  • crater.test (Valid)

Open the link to the domain in the browser (Example: https://demo.craterapp.com) and complete the installation wizard as directed.